No matter which school a student attends in West Morris Regional High School District, they can expect to receive a high-quality education. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons many families choose to live in the towns our district serves. 

The Board of Education is asking residents of Chester Borough, Chester Township, Mendham Borough, Mendham Township, and Washington Township to vote on a proposal that would bring our facilities in line with the quality education that is expected of both West Morris Central High School and West Morris Mendham High School. 

One Question, Two Schools

Bond Projects at a Glance:

West Morris Central (WMC) 

West Morris Mendham (WMM) 


Air Conditioning – No Longer a Luxury 

Compared to years ago, more students as well as staff and community members are acclimated to air-conditioned spaces. High heat makes it difficult to mentally focus. We all function better when we feel comfortable. Additionally, people with asthma, allergies, or other conditions can be especially uncomfortable in rooms without climate control. 

At both WMC and WMM, some classrooms and most common rooms have air conditioning, including the cafeterias, libraries, main gymnasiums, and auditoriums. If passed, the referendum would bring air conditioning to all instructional classrooms

STEM Renovations for the Future 

Our district wants to provide WMC and WMM students with spaces that inspire collaboration and 21st-century learning. Updates to our current technology and culinary labs could be the spark that students need to dive into STEM-related career fields. 

The technology lab at WMC would get new flooring, improved lighting and general upgrades, while two technology rooms at WMM would get new flooring, drywall, air filtration, and lighting, making both schools more optimal for STEM learning. 

A culinary arts room at WMM would also get a sixth cooking station and updated fixtures, surfaces, and appliances. Culinary arts classes teach a life skill that employs math, science, and cognitive development, among other cross discipline applications.

Improving the Lunchtime Flow 

Cafeterias are one of the most high-traffic locations in our schools. Every student uses the cafeterias for lunchtime and other purposes throughout the day. Not only would the cafeterias be made more inviting for students with better lighting and aesthetics, but the actual flow of the spaces would improve. 

The stage in the cafeteria at WMC would be removed to allow for more seating and improved flow. At WMM, the cafeteria doors would be upgraded and the serving facilities improved.

The kitchens at both schools would also be updated with new floorplans, fixtures, food prep areas, and appliances to better serve students. 

Upgrades to Fieldhouse Shower and Storage

Passing the referendum would allow the district to create individual stall showers, 10 for boys and 10 for girls at both schools.  Shower areas currently not in use will be converted into storage for athletic equipment. 

Fixing Roofs and Driveways 

Nothing withstands the test of time. The roofs at both schools have exceeded their useful life spans in part at WMC and in full at WMM. The roofs are leaking and in need of full or partial replacement. Insulation would also be added, and certain sections would be recoated.

Likewise, the asphalt on the driveways and parking lots at both schools needs to be repaired and replaced. New curbing would be added to aid in storm water runoff management.